Aqua Walker

Endurance Equine’s claim to fame, the Aqua Walker, is the first of its kind in Canada. 

The Aqua Walker was designed and built from what was once a “one day” dream and, half of the Endurance space in Ponoka, AB is dedicated to the inground, permanent installation. The Aqua Walker is a hot walker built into a platform that sits within a four-foot-deep cemented pool. A gradual ramp allows for our equine athletes to slowly and gently enter the water.

The Aqua Walker pool floor and ramp feature custom designed rubber mats allowing proper cushion and traction. Though the horses exercise together, the program and duration can be adjusted and customized to individual needs. Each equine athlete will find themselves with adequate space to freely move in the pool contributing to a comfortable and safe experience.

The horses exercise in intervals with numerous changes in direction requiring them to push through the current they create, ensuring a well-rounded and challenging workout. Speed and direction are always monitored, allowing the hot walker to be stopped for any reason. The Aqua Walker also features a commercial sized filtration system with a chlorine injection system to ensure cleanliness.


Water therapy is an excellent form of conditioning and is especially beneficial for rehabilitation of injuries or limb issues such as soreness, lameness, and arthritis.

It is a stress free and relaxing exercise with easy entry and exit and a comfortable amount of space for movement. The design of our Aqua Walker boosts equine fitness while limiting stress on joints and the effects of ground forces, making it safe and efficient.

With the low impact of the hot walker swimming pool, equine athletes can quickly build muscle, lose fat, release stiffness, and strengthen bones, all at a safe and enjoyable pace. This conditioning provides our clients an additional and convenient method of exercise or rehabilitation to elevate their health and wellness programs.

Do the horses swim?

The water isn’t deep enough for the horses to swim, so they stay on their feet and the resistance combined with the buoyancy of the water is where the magic happens!

How do you know how long a horse should exercise in the Aqua Walker?

Our programs are customized to each individual horse based on their current condition and exercise routine, if any rehabilitation is required, and desired outcome of their stay. We work with our clients to determine their individual needs and build an action plan and program specific to each equine athlete.

What if my horse is nervous of water?

As all horse owners know, you can't force them to do something they aren't comfortable with. What we can do is show them a lot of patience and allow them the time to get used to their surroundings and the pool. We read each horse, adjusting our approach depending on their response and body language. Some horses walk right in, while others just need a bit of time to get comfortable or prefer to have another horse show them the way.

Infrared Solarium

To enhance the benefits of the Aqua Walker, Endurance offers relaxing sessions in an infrared solarium.

In addition to boosting general health and the immune system, sessions in the solarium increase circulation as well as blood and oxygen supply. Decreased muscle tension, inflammation, and pain relief are advantages of this form of light therapy. Use of the infrared solarium after a session in the Aqua Walker helps with a quicker recovery post-workout, provides a calming and relaxing cool down, and aids in drying horses off.