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As the saying goes, you have to walk before you run. But, in Klay’s case, the saying changes a bit. “Ride before you can walk” is the best way to describe Klay’s introduction to his first love - horses.

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Endurance Equine’s claim to fame, the Aqua Walker, is the first of its kind in Canada. The Aqua Walker was designed and built from what was once a “one day” dream and, half of the Endurance space in Ponoka, AB is dedicated to the inground, permanent installation.

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We offer custom programs to fit your equine athlete's needs. Interested in tweaking a program or looking for something a little different? Give us a call to create a custom program!

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Endurance Experiences

“Klay is very professional and great with the horses, not to mention it is clear he is very passionate about what he is doing. The results in the horses speak from themselves! I have had two horses swam there now, and both horses have improved toplines, built muscle mass in both the shoulders and hind quarters, loosened hamstrings and glutes, and not to mention strengthening of a weak stifle! I am beyond impressed and look forward to bringing my horses back to Endurance Equine in the near future!”

- Rebecca D.

“'Smart Major' spent two weeks at EE (as I fondly call it) to lose his chub and build up some muscle going in to winter. He has had a lot of time off, and his flab was certainly not helping his arthritis. I’m very impressed with Whyte’s facility, across the board. The care and attention that Roanie received, their understanding of my attachment to him, and the results that ensued have made me a very happy client. I really appreciate the stable management aspect of how it is run as well, a very clean and safe environment. A job well done and a business well run!”

- Jessica R.

"So impressed with not only the results, but the care and patience offered to the horses I brought to Endurance. I had 2 young horses entered at ABRA Finals and found myself having to be out of the country for the 5 days before finals started. Neither horse had been to a facility like this so I was worried about how they would handle it. Klay assured me they were comfortable dealing with quirks and that they would send me updates. The horse I thought would be easiest turned out to be the difficult one, Endurance Equine had the patience and skill to work through it. (And they even said he could come back)

Both of these young horses had their personal best runs during the Finals. Each run they got better. I am thrilled with how good they felt and how well they worked. There are so many factors that go into making these horses feel and work their best, I am convinced that their 5 days at Endurance Equine was a positive experience for them or we couldn’t have had the Finals we did. Thank you! I will definitely be using your services again."

- Kallie L.

"What a great experience !! Just got my mare back from 2 weeks at the pool and the results are more than I expected. She is coming off a tendon injury so I made the decision to send her to the pool instead of getting back on her to riding. My mare's leg tightened back up, no more inflammation, she didn’t respond to palpating and the ultrasound showed nearly 100% recovery which I believe the pool was a huge part of !! The bonus is she’s in great shape with a huge amount of muscle tone to carry on with her conditioning and healing!! It’s amazing to have a facility like this available with equally amazing people operating it, Klay and Chelsey were awesome to deal with and it’s was so great to get updates through out the weeks just for the peace of mind that all was going well. No doubt in my mind we will be repeat customers !!"

- Megan G.

"Very impressed with this facility, the attention to detail of the horse Klay and Chelsey have. Then the awesome conditioning the horse gets with a low impact work out, that helps if you are bringing a horse back into work or just want that great conditioning on your horse. Easy on their joints. Biggles loves the water. This facility is clean and very organized. Highly recommend it."

- Kathy M.

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